Step By Step Parents

We are a community, platform, and resource hub dedicated to positively influencing the blended family community one step at a time. 

Welcome to Step By Step Parents! We are a group of mothers, fathers, and families dedicated to changing the narrative around the word ‘step.’ As stepparents, we believe we are family—we stepped up, we stepped in, and we’re committed to guiding other parents and families of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life towards clarity, passion, and purpose.


Get To Know Us:

Navigating the world as a stepparent is challenging, beautiful, different, and downright scary. But for many, it can also be isolating. Born from a longing for real + raw connections, our founders, Marisa Donnelly and Franco Zavala, created Step By Step Parents to be not only a space for honesty, growth, and self-reflection but to build a community they were so desperately longing for.

As you explore these pages, you’ll find tangible resources, firsthand accounts on the ups and downs of the blended family life, candid advice, heartfelt reflections, actionable tools and tips, and an opportunity to connect with like-minded parents who are really—step by step—walking in your shoes.

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We are committed to creating content that is purposeful and meaningful. We believe that collaboration, community, and connection are the core values of being a parent.

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We are not just a website and platform. We are a community. Our readers and contributors are from all over the world, sharing personal, heartfelt, and raw stories about being parents, raising children, or navigating the stepparent journey. Join us!

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Share Your Story

We want to hear from you! Share your ups, your downs, your highs, your lows, your lessons and your victories! To read some of our stories, click here. We can’t wait to read your work and share your voice on our platform!

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